Monday, February 15, 2010

In Their Shoes, by Deborah Reber

In Their Shoes: Extraordinary Women Describe Their Amazing Careers, by Deborah Reber. New York: Simon Pulse, 2007. ISBN-10: 1416925783; ISBN-13: 978-1416925781. 411 p.

Plot Summary
For this non-fiction book, Deborah Reber interviewed 50 successful women about their careers, from an actor and a nurse-midwife to a video game programmer and a U.S. Senator. Each interview describes a typical day in the life of a woman in a specific career, as well as ideas for how to break into the business.

Critical Evaluation
Reber is an engaging interviewer, and this book offers a lot of resources to help teenage girls figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Sidebars, lists, and other helpful tips are included to help girls find a career that will be right for them.

Reader’s Annotation
Do you know what a typical day is like for a TV producer? How about a marine biologist? Learn about these and other great careers by reading the interviews in this book.

Author Information
Deborah Reber comes from Reading, Pennsylvania, best known as the home of the "Reading Railroad" from the game Monopoly. She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Broadcast and Cable. She has written a number of different books for teens, tweens, and even preschoolers. She writes features for various magazines, and shares insights and advice for teens at Her website is She lives in Seattle with her husband, son, and German Shepherd.


Curriculum Ties
Career explorations and planning.

Booktalking Ideas
What do you want to be when you grow up?

Reading Level/Interest Age
Middle and High School, as well as college students who are still interesting in exploring possible careers.

Challenge Issues

I included this book because the Seattle Public Library included it in a list of great nonfiction for teens (found here).


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